The Most Influential Law Blogs in 2013

Blogging can be fun. You can get many information from different people. Some people like to write food, and some people like to write legal stuff. As in the legal world, it can have many changes and development in the law. While there are many legal blogs, I choose the good ones and cover lots of legal materials.

  • Whistleblower Law Blog – It is a law blog run by The Employment Law Group, provides many whistleblowers cases happening in the US.
  • iPhone J.D. – Interesting name for law blog, iPhone J.D. is a blog for lawyers to use tech tools. What you should know to be the top lawyers with tech tools? You should check this out.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy – This blog is run by law professors who comment on the legal news of the day. It keeps you update everything.
  • China Law Blog – Obviously, this is a blog for laws in China. This blog provides some important legal information for one who plan to go into China.
  • Constitutional Daily – Constitutional issue? Not only that. This blog provides you deep analysis of the current legal issues.
  • The Careerist – This blog breaks down the industry’s job market. It covers hiring trending and offers some good career advice.
  • The Law Insider – Title says it all. It is a blog which lawyers provides and share information how to be successful lawyers.
  • Lawyerist – Lawyers need to market themselves. If you are looking for advice on marketing, or anything related to law, this website is a-must to go.
  • Corporette – Legal feminist? No, it is only a blog for discussing fashion and lifestyle for professional women in law firm and other corporate workplaces.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog – If I am not going to list this blog, the whole blog post will be useless. WSL covers many legal issues and update daily.
A blog about the best legal blog in 2013

After checking these blog, you’ll be like.
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