Heartbreaking Images (2013 Week 39)

This blog post is about what happened in 2013 Week 39.

Legal Elite / A blog about news, legal, and politics

Topless feminist protesters storm the catwalk at Nina Ricci as Paris Fashion Week. Picture credit and Read More at here.

A Blog about news, legal, and politics

Police evict a group of squatters consisting of Amazon Indians and non-Indian settlers, from a plot of privately-owned forest they have been occupying for three months in Iranduba, near Manaus, September 25, 2013. Police acted on a court order to remove the estimated 5,000 squatters. Read more in here.

A blog about law, politics, and legal.

Kazakhs in traditional dress at the first Central Asian championship of kokpar in Astana. Picture credit: New York Times, and more about the news can be found here.

A blog about politics, law, and current events

Kenya mall shooting: Dozens of families unsure if loved ones are dead or alive. Picture Credit: CNN. Article can be read here.

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