An “Accidental Entrepreneur’s” Business Idea

Business idea can be from anywhere, anytime. This post is about “accidental” business idea.

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

For nearly two decades, Jim Horan held senior-level financial positions with two major companies. When the 1990 recession resulted in the elimination of his job, he decided to search for a new gig.

He began picking up consulting jobs with clients who lacked business plans. That work led to The One Page Business Plan Company, a Berkeley, California-based firm he founded to help entrepreneurs and executives rethink their businesses and construct simple business plans on a single page.

Horan also is the author of The One Page Business Plan, a workbook that shows readers how to create their own blueprints. Although its intended audience was first-time entrepreneurs, large corporations liked its approach and asked for software – a product that Horan added and began marketing through independent contractors.

While he still consults every now and then, today Horan spends much of his time recruiting consultants, developing new products…

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