Heartbreaking Images (2013 Week 39)

This blog post is about what happened in 2013 Week 39.

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Topless feminist protesters storm the catwalk at Nina Ricci as Paris Fashion Week. Picture credit and Read More at here. Continue reading


Protecting children of celebrities from paparazzi

In this video, Anderson Cooper discusses a new law that aims to protect the celebrities’s children from gossip reporters and paparazzi.

I believe this law is constitutional. The law wants to protects minority at the first glance. Many celebrities give up their large amount of privacy for work and they do not want their own children to overexpose in public. Also, putting their children in public can have certain risk, as children have no idea how to protect themselves from strangers.

If one comes up with the idea that the States has the right of freedom to expression, that will sound totally unethical in the case of protecting minority. As an adult, we should protect children’s safety and not overuse the idea of freedom. Although paparazzi or gossip reporters are doing their job, they should also respect celebrities and their children.

Anderson Cooper 360

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law that’s designed to protect the children of celebrities from aggressive paparazzi. But the panel debates whether this law is constitutional.

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Humanitarian Intervention and War on Terror after 9/11

I summarized legal argument and some issues on humanitarian intervention and War on Iraq in my previous blog post. The issues on Iraq War nevertheless started from terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The humanitarian intervention in fact has changed since then. So, what did the terrorist attacks on 911 affect on humanitarian intervention? There are two views on this question.

Humanitarian Intervention and War on Terror after 9/11

9/11 Now and Then Picture Credit: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/

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Discussion: Was Iraq War a legitimate humanitarian intervention?

The idea of Humanitarian Intervention

Since 9/11, Western states have expressed humanitarian sentiments in relation to many different types of war. Humanitarian intervention poses a hard test for an international society built on idea of sovereignty, non-intervention, and the non-use of force. The society of states established law forbidding the mistreatment of civilians and recognizing basic human rights. However, these principles often conflict with non-intervention. Sovereign states are expected to act as guardians of their citizens’ security. If such state act as criminals towards their own people, should tyrannical states be recognized as legitimate members of international society?

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Reddit Bans Subreddit “Find Navy Yard Shooters’ « CBS DC

Reddit Bans Subreddit “Find Navy Yard Shooters’” from CBS DC is about the crowdsourcing for criminal investigation on social media.

I am a Redditor. I love the social media site, Reddit, because I can find some interesting information over there. I can also share what I think good website to people. Reddit is also a place for people to exchange information easily. However, sometimes the communication on Reddit can go too far.

Washington Navy Yard Shooting shocked many people on Monday. In response to the shooting, a reddit user created a community forum, named “Find Navy Yard Shooters”. The group dedicated to identifying the gunman in the Washington Navy Yard shooting, but it was banned by the administrator shortly after it went online. Continue reading

Five years later, banking still up to same old tricks

Five years after the financial crisis, what have we learned? Could another collapse happen again?

It is possible.

Larry Elliott and Jill Treanor from the Guardian states that another crisis can possibly happen. The former New York City minister, Lord, Myners, says it is not many has changed because “the banks are still too big, too interconnected and too undercapitalized.” He worries that it has only a little changing to prevent another crisis. Alistair Darling, chancellor at the time of the bailouts, also believes the chance of new crisis. “As long as people think they can make money out of nothing,” Alistair states,” it will happen again.”

I believe it takes time for a big business organization to change. In fact, many organizations in banking has been cutting many job positions in order to manage the business. The change has been going but the results were not quite impressive to the public. Many people believe that the little change is caused by the banking culture and the ways banks operate.

I am not working in this industry. I should not judge how the ways banks operate, and I leave this to other professions in the banking industry. However, what I have seen is many banks have been suffering the crisis and have tried to manage the business effectively in the past few years. Although the change was small, but it is still ongoing.

eats shoots 'n leaves

A two-part report from The Real News Network featuring Jessica Desvarieux in conversation for former federal banking regulator William K. Black, who teaches economics and law at the University of Missouri Kansas City focuses on the continued jeopardy embodied in the American banking system.

From The Real News Network:

Five Years After Lehman Brothers Fall, Big Banks Even Larger Pt. 1

From the TRNN transcript:

BLACK: Okay. So these are the systemically dangerous institutions that the administration insists on calling systemically important. But they are dangerous. The administration tells us that when the next one fails, it’s likely to cause a global financial crisis. So the obvious answer was to get rid of them, and the administration has completely refused, as did the Bush administration, as do the other governments in the world, to get rid of these giant institutions.

Why are they bigger? They’re bigger because when the…

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