7 Wisdom Quotes from Meryl Streep for #TuesdayMotivation | AP2

Meryl Streep had a powerful speech at Golden Globes a few days ago. She has given lots of remarkable speeches. Here are 7 Meryl Streep’s powerful quotes.

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SEC Says Public Companies Can Use Facebook, Twitter for News, If Investors Informed

The Securities and Exchange Commission says public companies can use social media to make news announcement in the US. So this is a good news for many companies to make quick and short announcement.

The Law of Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that companies can use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to make news announcement in compliance with Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure), if investors have previously been told which social media the company will be using, and who’s feed to monitor. Regulation FD requires companies to distribute important news in a manner designed to get that information out to the general public, so that all investors have the ability to get important news at the same time. Today the SEC confirmed that social media can meet that requirement, if certain conditions are met.

The SEC commenced an investigation last year after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings posted on his personal Facebook page on July 3, 2012 that Netflix’s monthly online viewing for June 2012 had exceeded one billion hours for the first time. Netflix did not report that information to investors through a press…

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Legal Issues for Startups & New Ventures

Starting a new business is excited but legal issue is very important as well. This blog post is about legal issues for startups and new ventures.

One of the most important aspects of starting a business has to do with the legal issues surrounding the process of incorporation for startups. When starting up, it’s tough to know everything about the legal process that applies directly to your business, but the following are some important issues to be aware of and mistakes to avoid when starting up, according to experts Polly Brewster, contributor on Entrepreneur.com and Chas Rampenthal, lawyer, entrepreneur and contributor to Inc.com.

LegalIssuesThink about legal issues early—and often

In the process of starting a business, knowing about ‘the law’ can be overwhelming (in addition to thinking about business financing, marketing, product development, etc.) However, the earlier you begin thinking about legal issues related to your business, the easier the entire startup process will be in the long run. Legal issues for entrepreneurs and new ventures include: business entity choices, business licenses, service contracts…

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An “Accidental Entrepreneur’s” Business Idea

Business idea can be from anywhere, anytime. This post is about “accidental” business idea.

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

For nearly two decades, Jim Horan held senior-level financial positions with two major companies. When the 1990 recession resulted in the elimination of his job, he decided to search for a new gig.

He began picking up consulting jobs with clients who lacked business plans. That work led to The One Page Business Plan Company, a Berkeley, California-based firm he founded to help entrepreneurs and executives rethink their businesses and construct simple business plans on a single page.

Horan also is the author of The One Page Business Plan, a workbook that shows readers how to create their own blueprints. Although its intended audience was first-time entrepreneurs, large corporations liked its approach and asked for software – a product that Horan added and began marketing through independent contractors.

While he still consults every now and then, today Horan spends much of his time recruiting consultants, developing new products…

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Alarmists’ zeal causes more climate scepticism

Climate change is one of the important current issue. Simon, blogger of Australian Climate Madness, examines how alarmists refuse the budge of global warming.

Australian Climate Madness

The alarmists refuse to budge on global warming. Despite widespread head-scratching regarding the cause of the current 15-plus year pause or slowdown in warming (and the obvious failings of climate models to predict it) the alarmists don’t ever want to give an inch.

Over the years, they have painted themselves into a corner – any admission of uncertainty or doubt would now be regarded as weakness, at least in their minds. So they plough on with the wilful blindness, misrepresentation and name-calling.

The image shows how Skeptical Science used to smear its opponents, with links to “Christie Crocks” [a “crock” in Australian slang is short for “crock of sh*t”], “Monckton Myths”, “Spencer Slip Ups” etc.

SkS has now removed them, but they have since been replaced with a stream of psycho-babble which attempts to medicalise “denial”  by branding anyone who queries their version of the “consensus” as a conspiracy theorist. And…

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A Gay Dad’s Open Message to Toys R Us: Stop Thrusting Gender Propaganda on My Kids

An interesting perspective on the gender equality in Toys R Us.

evoL =

ImageSince day one in the gay marriage debate, the “traditional marriage” advocates have leveraged cries of indignation, and hyperbolic circular arguments to make their points.  Most of these arguments listed the many things that same sex couples “could not do”, which, clearly they not only COULD do but were already doing.  The underlying point all the irrational statements have in common is one foundational core that its advocates desperately want to “protect”.  That point is that men and women hold mutually exclusive roles in the family and neither of those roles can or should be filled by a member of the opposite gender.     

The anti-gay advocates rail against parents like me because they fear that by being myself, I am incapable of fulfilling a role not defined for me.  They say that I will deprive the children under my care.  It seems self-evident to them that I, no…

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OC High School Student Ordered To Remove NRA T-Shirt Because It Promotes Gun Violence

A high school student in Anahiem Hills got some order from administrators. She needed to change her design on a T-shirt that promoted gun violence.

I believe it is her choice to design this T-shirt. It is quite subjective to say that a gun on a T-shirt is related to gun violation. Someone can see that is same as putting a burger on a T-shirt which links to obesity. The opinion is very subjective.

CBS Los Angeles

[worldnow id=9373924 width=420 height=315 type=video]

ANAHEIM HILLS (CBSLA.com) — A student at a high school in Anaheim Hills said administrators ordered her to change out of a T-shirt that promoted the National Rifle Association.

Sophomore Haley Bullwinkle said when she wore her NRA shirt to Canyon High School last month, she landed in the principal’s office for violating the school’s dress code that forbids offensive, violent or divisive clothing.

“They were treating me like I was a criminal,” she said. “I was not allowed to wear that at school because it promoted gun violence.”

The shirt, which was a gift from Bullwinkle’s father when he became a card-carrying member of the NRA, features a buck, an American flag and a hunter’s silhouette. It also has the words “National Rifle Association of America: Protecting America’s Traditions Since 1871” written in the center.

Bullwinkle’s father said he emailed the school’s principal to…

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