Protecting children of celebrities from paparazzi

In this video, Anderson Cooper discusses a new law that aims to protect the celebrities’s children from gossip reporters and paparazzi.

I believe this law is constitutional. The law wants to protects minority at the first glance. Many celebrities give up their large amount of privacy for work and they do not want their own children to overexpose in public. Also, putting their children in public can have certain risk, as children have no idea how to protect themselves from strangers.

If one comes up with the idea that the States has the right of freedom to expression, that will sound totally unethical in the case of protecting minority. As an adult, we should protect children’s safety and not overuse the idea of freedom. Although paparazzi or gossip reporters are doing their job, they should also respect celebrities and their children.

Anderson Cooper 360

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law that’s designed to protect the children of celebrities from aggressive paparazzi. But the panel debates whether this law is constitutional.

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